What's predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is the part of data science that allows a company to determine the probability of future events based on available information. It takes the best techniques from artificial intelligence to build effective forecasting models.

Recently, new disruptive techniques such as deep learning have been developed in order to create models that can learn from large-scale data.

Artelnics provides solutions for deep learning. Our products focus on using data to generate knowledge through these innovative predictive analytics techniques.



Neural Designer

Neural Designer is an innovative tool for data mining based on deep learning techniques. It is used to discover complex relationships, recognize unknown patterns, predict actual trends and recognize associations from data. The input to Neural Designer is a data set, and the output from it is a predictive model.

The software out-stands in terms of functionality, usability and performance and guarantees you the best possible results, by offering innovative model selection techniques, comprehensive feedback in the design process and high computational performance.

The immediate benefit is that this product strengthens your businesses, allowing you to be more competitive.

    What client's say

  • "I have applied Neural Designer in the field of preventive medicine, for the predictive analysis of clinical trial data. The software allows us to generate our own models, with the advantage that we can adapt them to economic, epidemic and environmental changes. In short, Neural Designer is a dynamic tool, easy to use, powerful and very useful. Recommended for all sectors."

    Luz Samaniego
    TFS People. On assignment as Pfizer Statistician Coordinator

  • "We have been using Neural Designer for employee engagement product development, employee segmentation and linkage between employee engagement and customer satisfaction/loyalty assessments. Neural Designer is very easy to use, has excellent user interface and sufficient number of learning algorithms for variety of applications. Automatically generated report provides useful and easy to read technical documentation which supports results. Highly recommended!"

    Miroslav Canak
    Director, Echelon Purple (PTY) Ltd, Cape Town, South Africa

  • "Deep Learning techniques are becoming a very popular method in the field of clinical epidemiology, since they don't need to meet any assumption and often provide better results than traditional techniques. Neural Designer is a fantastic tool, because it is easy to use and has many utilities. I believe that this software will help us with our research, which will outcome in high quality scientific publications."

    Valentin Hernandez-Barrera
    Biostatistician Preventive Medicine and Public Health Department Rey Juan Carlos University. Madrid (Spain)