Neural Designer 2.0 released

Neural designer logo

The Artelnics development team is proud to announce the release of Neural Designer 2.0. This new version contains lots of innovative tasks as well as many changes in the graphical interface.

New Features

- New visualization and layout.

For this new version we have improved the visualization in order to optimize the user experience of Neural Designer. All sections contain design changes that make Neural Designer more intuitive than ever.

Neural designer screenshot 1

We have improved the viewer allowing you to not only export the project in pdf, but also all data and graphs that it shows.

Neural designer screenshot 2
- New examples and tutorials.

In order to make the use of Neural Designer as easy as possible, we have added new examples and tutorials. All of them can be found on the start page.

Neural designer screenshot 3
- Compatibility for data formats.

Neural Designer is now compatible with more types of data files: arff, excel, ods, csv. Also, we have added a new display window when the data files are loaded.

Neural designer screenshot 4
- Compatibility for data formats.

We have added new tasks in the task manager to make more effective data analysis. Below is an outline of the new tasks that have been added by sections.

New task in dataset:
• Balance targets distribution
New tasks for testing the model:
• Calculate roc curve
• Calculate cumulative gain
• Calculate lift chart
• Calculate calibration plot
• Calculate misclassified instances

Moreover, we have added a new section called model deployment where you can perform all tasks related to the display of results.

Neural designer screenshot 5
- New learning task.

We have added a new learning task to the two that we already had; time series prediction.

Neural designer screenshot 6
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