About Artelnics

Artelnics is a company specialized in the development and application of artificial intelligence techniques to solve real-world problems.

Our mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence strengthens our customers and makes them more competitive.

We are a team of scientists and engineers with more than 15 years of experience developing the most advanced technology and carrying out projects with large corporations.

Artelnics was founded in 2014 by Roberto Lopez (CEO). Since then, we have closed every year with profits. The company does not have external investors.


We’re hiring talented people to join our team in Salamanca (Spain). Artelnics offers you a career path so you can fully develop your skills in the artificial intelligence sector.

If you want to get into deep learning or you have already experience with that, contact us to apply for a position at Artelnics.


Artelnics encourages partnerships with other organizations to generate new opportunities and close more deals:

To join Artelnics's Global Partner Network, please contact us.